About The Scholarship Program

Since 2008 of world class mentorship and unconventional approach in delivering ICT skills by SQI ICT Academy,the demand for professionally trained ICT personnel is ever-increasing. Hence,we launched the scholarship program in 2011 to open a wider window of opportunity to every promising talent, and today we have trained and certified over 3106 youths who currently hold important and viable positions in various organizations nationwide.


  • We love what we do, no matter how hard your skull could be, we never get tired getting the knowledge inside.
  • We dont instruct, we mentor! So, you get to absorb not just the skills but the very character that makes us success.
  • We dont cage, we encourage and support your wild ideas (unconventional)!
  • Our students only graduate by the book but in the real sense we incubate them with our ICT hub facility until their lava could fly.
  • We become a home to our student, you face a challenge you think is too big for you out there?call home.

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Last Year Statistic (2016)

Full Scholarship : 8
70% Discount based scholarship : 33
60% Discount based scholarship : 46
50% Discount based scholarship : 96
40% Discount based scholarship : 81
Non scholarship student : -

Scholarship Statistic since 2011

Full Scholarship : 83
70% Discount based scholarship : 203
60% Discount based scholarship : 770
50% Discount based scholarship : 810
40% Discount based scholarship : 891
Non scholarship student : 349
The scholarship program has helped us to reach more people and produce more talents than we could have ever done.

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Scholarship Terms and Condition

  1. Participants are expected to pay an acceptance fee of three thousand naira (3000)at most two (2) weeks after the scholarship result is out. Failure to do this shall result in forfeiture of the scholarship.
    a.The acceptance fee is for the acknowledgement of the scholarship offerred.
    b. Percentage based scholarship participants are expected to make payment for the courses chosen before the commencement of the training.
  2. Participants with a full scholarship needs not pay anthing else to SQI for the course of their training.
  3. Any participants that scores above 75% in the scholarship test shall be eligible to a full scholarship.
  4. Any participants that scores 75% and below in the scholarship test shall be eligible to a discounted scholarship.
  5. For participants under full schorlaship (i.e scores above 75%), the scholarship shall be applicable to register for a maximum of one (1) course. Any other course registered for will be fully paid for by the participant.
  6. For participants under discounted scholarship, (i.e 75% score and below), the scholarship shall be applicable to register for a maximum of two (2) courses. Any other course registered for will be fully paid for by the participant. a. Participants are not allowed to undertake two (2) programming courses at the same time.
  7. Payment and commencement of training by the discounted scholarship particpant should be done three (3) months after the acceptance fee in (1) above has been done.
  8. The training registered for must be started and completed at most ten (10) months after the scholarship result is out. Notification of absence or deferment of training/scholarship should be done in writing to seek an approval from the management.
  9. Any participant caught involved in malpractice during the scholarship test shall be disqualified from participating in SQI annual ICT Scholarship