Web Application developers design, create and implement software code in order to improve the effectiveness of a website. They work on a team with graphic designers and web designers to develop websites with HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, and other coding methods. Web developers focus on the concept, interface design, and layout of a website from design to launch. They may build and test the integration of a website to make it easy 8to use and navigate for end users and clients. For ongoing websites, web developers troubleshoot and debug existing code in order to enhance the website’s functionality. The field of web developers is currently shifting towards the optimization of mobile device applications and web browsing.

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required by some companies. Many firms hire based on proven experience with software development and database management. Creativity and technical ability are essential for web developers to succeed. An understanding of visual design basics is necessary, and web developers must be able to clearly communicate solutions to non-technical team members and clients.
Most web developers work full-time in an office with other team members. They may have cubicles or an open office setting for collaboration. Some freelance web developers work from home and set their own schedules. Large and small firms alike hire web developers to implement responsive designs and improve their websites. Web developers often fall into the IT or departments of a company.
SQI ICT Academy employs a fully practical approach in training students.
Graduates of this course can work anywhere there is the need for a website or cloud automation of a company’s data and operations.
Hiring companies have access to all assignments and projects done by students during the course of their training in SQI.
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