Consulting & Technology Services – Transforming business through innovative IT solutions
SQI Inc. help clients deliver innovation to their customers, reduce costs and improve effectiveness by leveraging Business Technologies. Business Innovation, Operational Excellence and IT Leadership form the basis for the expertise and innovative solutions applied to each industry sector and individual client challenge. Our objective at SQI is to ensure that our clients are empowered to manage the resources provided, maintaining control of their processes and projects as well as the ownership of their assets and systems, including transformation to benefit from cloud services. All services to our customers are provided in accordance with the SQI Integrated Management System (SIMS), which aims to ensure the successful delivery of our services.
Transforming IT infrastructure And Business Operations
SQI Inc. is the undisputed leader in Managed Services. We are one of the fastest growing IT CONSULTING and SOLUTIONS providing companies that provide all the “design, build and operate” elements of a complete business solution. SQI Inc. can manage and transform all the IT operations of its clients, including the management of their entire information and data processing systems. We have developed several Cloud solutions targeting the Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service growing market. We deliver these services according to the SQI Inc. Services Management Model.

SQI Inc. train and groom students to get employed with much advanced skills required to work and succeed anywhere in the world. SQI has Implemented Teaching – Learning process by which students have more practical knowledge on the subject they learn for a competitive employability and professional capability. We promote learning through practical efficiency and results oriented effective process of creations. One importance of IT and ICT and constitution of today’s industry based knowledge in theory and practice by the method of lie long learning is much concentrated in curriculum.
Through efficacious pedagogy and modern teaching tools like PowerPoint Presentations, interactive problem solving sessions, use of internet, continuous evaluations and modern equipment along with skill development method of learning in practical efficiency across our teaching and training centers provides absolutely conducive ambience for experimental learning. In addition to IT & ICT, academic and professional pursuit of knowledge, value addition programs have been designed and aimed at an international personality development which is an essential prerequisite for building up the career for transactional and multinational Corporate.

The company is backed up by young, dynamic, enthusiastic and exemplarily professional team, growth with Software and Networking Engineers, Functionality Experts and Management Professionals. SQI is committed to impart quality education and excellence in academics through consistently keeping up with development in the field of teaching and learning. Thus, appropriate resources, staff, policies, procedures, systems and organization culture and their continual development and improvement is our key focus. Appropriate, innovative and dynamic efforts by the entire asset to bring up the achievements of quality policy and quality objective of the company.
SQI provides a committed venture of knowledge based training in IT and ICT by a Team of dedicated and excellent professionals having distinct experience in Technical, Management and Functional capabilities internationally. Technical studies have extensive work and training histories in their field of expertise. The long association of our team with the company and proven proficiency by the process of acquisition and assimilation of knowledge induced required efficiency and effectiveness of job responsibility with quality ability leads to the aspired goal of SQI.
Since the inception of the company, SQI has been actively involved in training and development of aspiring IT professionals. All the training centers are well equipped and our students have been well placed.
SQI is Authorized Testing Centre for IT Certification
Being an authorized Virtual University Enterprise (VUE),we are associated with Multinational software giants like;

Microsoft Corporation as a Microsoft Certified Professional Exam Provider to conduct MCP, MCSE, and MCSA certifications
Cisco systems for CCNA and CCNP certifications
CompTIA for A+ and N+ certifications
CIW—Certified Internet Webmaster
Corel Certification Program

The main asset of SQI has always been the commitment and dedication of our team who is fully involved for a cause. The focus of SQI Inc. leadership is on effective IT training of our students and serving our clients effectively wherever they need our services. Our one-firm ethos saves time, cut costs and delivers innovation – whether in the classroom or consulting; we offer the ICT industry’s deepest bench of expertise, matched with experience gained by working with our clients and training over 700 students scattered across the globe.
The unmatched network of our training centers gives us better coverage in the implementation of quality education, quickly and effectively. With support from our regional and Head office, we are able to coordinate our work with ease.
The Software Development Wing of SQI is already working on Computer Aided Education for schools with interactive CD-ROMS and other software. Our experience in using student-friendly interactive software for school tuitions and coaching for entrance Tests through our centers needs no mention especially the application EDOZZIER® which is our brain child at SQI Inc.
The SQI Research & Development Cell (S&DC) has always been involved in continuous improvement of the syllabus and course materials that is constantly upgraded to meet the needs of the students and updated as and when technology changes.
SQI has present a Central Administration, Examination and Certification System called SEMS (SQI E-MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)


We have pioneered many programs to create an appreciable awareness among Nigerians. We run radio programs and organize regular IT seminars. These programs have helped thousands of eligible students to learn computers
Our focus has always been knowledge Consulting
Entry level training for all and
Specialization Courses in
Office Automation
Software Programming
Graphics and Animation
SQI has a Quality monitoring cell for the inspection and guidance of each centre and for the maintenance and standards of the faculty. This arm is ably handled by the CEO himself who is also the Director of IT Solutions and Quality Control.
Application Programming under Windows and Linux
Object Oriented Programming and Development with C++ and JAVA
Career Programs for Students
Online Certification Programs
Corporate Training for Employees and Businessmen
Besides computer education, we provide ‘G-English’ i.e communicative English to enhance international competency to place our students in international levels.
We also provide International competency Test for (TOEFL, IELTS), etc.

The SEAL is the certificate SQI issue to students on completion of their academic program. SEAL is a state of recognized completion of study in IT firms/Academy; such as SQI.
SEAL are in ‘STARS’ as degree are in classes
3 Star Seal
4 Star Seal
5 Star Seal

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