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Web Application Developer

Web Application developers design, create and implement software code in order to improve the effectiveness of a website. They work on a team with graphic designers and web designers to develop websites with HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, and other coding...

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What should a full stack web developer know in 2018?

source: Quora HTML + CSS for Web Developers ** Follow style guidelines and comments to make your code concise and clear to other developers Good HTML HTML5 Audio, Video, Local & Session Storage. HTML Canvas, Offline(Manifest) HTML5 History & Geolocation CSS Placement...

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New Courses Offered at SQI Academy

We are always updating our curriculum with the latest and most relevant content. Here are a couple of new additions to our library. COURSES Programming and Web Technology In this course you’ll learn how to develop software, mobile applications and web applications...

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Career Opportunities In a Challenging Economy.

It’s no secret that these challenging times have created a tough job market in Nigeria and just about everywhere in the world. Yet according to David Foote, CEO of the IT workforce analyst firm, Foote Partners, “…IT remains one of the best career choices a person can...

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Digital Literacy Is The New Computer Literacy.

Digital Literacy Is The New Computer Literacy. Computer Literacy is taking a new look at SQI Academy. Computer literacy is now Digital Literacy. Digital Literacy is… Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using...

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One of the best things that can happen to an emerging leader is to be surrounded by right minds and right institutions. My 3 months training at SQI has indeed formed a strong foundation in my pursuit as an IT administrator and I will forever be grateful.


SQI is not just the best place to be but it is a place you must be when it comes to IT training. Don’t just give it a trial, be there coz it is amazing to be there. I have been there and my expectation was blown. Don’t miss it!


At the present… I am having the best time of my life with regarding my career: “Fine and Applied Arts”. Truly, “REAL LEARNING HAPPENS AT SQI FOR ME” Do not miss out on this great learning experience.


sqi is the best place to be when it comes to I.T training.





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